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10 May 2011

Month and year of visit: May 2011

Dear Alisa Panek

Thank you for the great service done.
All programming has been met with extreme professionalism.
I want to congratulate the tourist guides placed at our disposal, as did a marvelous job.
Take this opportunity to introduce my son, Rafael Henrique, who lived and studied in Kursk and read us a copy. If he needs something, he will contact you.

Again, thank you.

Davi Guimaraes

Okan Dogu


3 May 2011

Month and year of visit: April 2011

Dear Alisa,

We returned from our wonderful journey and amazing concert in Moscow. I should thank you for all the organisations you made. It was actually very economic and on time.
I hope and probably may have contact with you for future concert events and hopefully for a longer term. I wish you support us with buying tickets prior to any possible event again.

Best wishes,

Okan Dogu



29 Mar 2011

Month and year of visit: March 2011

Hello Tatiana

Thanks for everything. I"ve arrived from India on saturday and just now I am looking my emails.

Everything in my trip was ok, I did a mistake and bought a wrong ticket to St/ Petersburg departing from a airport different of the one we arrived in Moscow. But we changed for one leaving from the same airport.
But in advance I tell you that the work of your company was perfect, the
guides were good an very attentive.

More details about our trip:

The Guide of Saint Peterburg was very atentive and always ready to help. the tour was amazing, and the city was pretty nice too. I think you should offer the tour in this season to more people, the snow, and the weather lets the city with an amazing view. We almost quit because of the cold, but it was easy to handle.

The hotel was good, well located, good fare, the breakfast was a little poor, but ok. The staff was helpfull and with good english too. the room was
good, not excellent, not bad, was really ok.

The transfer was in time sharp, but the driver doesn't speak english. We
have no problem with that, he did everything well, but if we faced some problem, we would have to look for somebody who speaks.

In moscow the hotel was well located too, the staff was good and the breakfast was better and complete. the room was very confortable. The tour is good, but
less than Saint Petersburg. The Red Square is amazing and worths more time

The guide was really good, with a excelent amount of informations to us. It worths each dolar spent.

you must keep using the guides in Portuguese for tourists from Brazil, Portugal, etc..Was excellent.
And the trasnfer was in good time and good drivers.

In time, I would like to say again about your job, everythink fitted very
well to our time and your suggestions was very good.

Thanks a lot for everythink. If you need more coments or wants to know about some specific detail, please let me know.

Best regards.




17 Feb 2011

Month and year of visit: February 2011

Hi Anastasia,
Thanks for the tour, your guide was very good.



16 Feb 2011

Month and year of visit: February 2011

Hello Ivan.

We had a great time in Moscow.

The hotel was the best.

The driver collected us and returned us to the airport, no problems.
Exellent service.

I will use Optima again if I am ever lucky enough to visit Russia and will recomend you to anyone I know who wants to visit.

Thanks again.


Dr. Katz

  Pittsburgh, PA, United States

25 Oct 2010

Month and year of visit: October 2010

Dear Tatiana,

Let me express my thanks for a wonderful service which you provided in organizing of my trip to St. Petersburg, Russia. I was able, with your help, to get a required visa on time. All reservations (transfers, hotel, and others) were carefully planed and provided. A driver, who represented Optima Tours in St. Petersburg, met me in the Pulkovo airport, and in a very short time I was able to reach the hotel Moscow . All services in this hotel, which you booked on my request, were also good. A spacious clean room was already prepared for me. On my return back to the USA, I was picked up early in the morning by a representative of your agency, who help me with my luggage, and I arrived to the airport on time and without any problems.

It was not my first time when I used services of the Optima Tours. All years of my cooperation with your agency confirm the reliability of the Optima Tours as well as a nice job of such agents as you, Tatiana.

Dr. Katz,

Carnegie Mellon University,

Pittsburgh, PA


Wayne and Danna Wood

  United States

16 Aug 2010

Month and year of visit: August 2010

Dear Alisa,

We are writing to thank you and Optima Tours for providing us with a wonderful touring experience in St. Petersburg. Our three days in your city could not have been better. We are very pleased with the time we spent with Roumi Issaeva, our tour guide. We have encouraged our friends to visit St, Petersburg in the future and we will recommend your company to them as they do their planning.

Thanks again for all your help and your patience with our schedule adjustments as we planned our visit to Russia. It was a pleasure to meet you and your staff during our time is St. Petersburg. We hope to return again some day to enjoy more of your beautiful city.


Wayne and Danna Wood

Rodrigo Rivera


28 Jul 2010

Month and year of visit: June 2010

Hi Tatiana,

How are you, hope your doing ok, we are back from our trip and I just wanted to thank you for planing what was a great way to see St. Petersburg and Moscow, I wanted to let you know that both Isabel and Natasha, were more that great, they were patient with me and my urge to take photographs and they were very nice to all of us, I could?t ask for better tour guides...and also the drivers were great and patient, We all love both cities, and I think we were the envy of the cruise because we were the only one"s with visas and the only one?s that got the opportunity to see both cities in so less time. Both train were very good, in the first nobody speak English or spanish but we had sign language and that way we manege, it was an adventure and trip I know we will never forget, that is why I wanted to thank you for the great work you did for my family, the only thing that would to have it was more time, but that is the best thing because know that we got the general Idea I have to plan in a couple of years a tour or 5 or 6 days to go to Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Again Thank you for doing a great job, and planing a great trip for us,


Rodrigo Rivera

Leily Da Silva


12 Jul 2010

Month and year of visit: June 2010

Dear Alica Gurvich,

I am writing to tell you how much my friend Ann and I enjoyed our 3 day Optima Tour of St Petersburg (25-27 June).

Roumia and Sergei were the perfect team to show us this wonderful place. I am amazed at how much we were able to see in just 3 days. Roumia is very knowledgeable about the history, architecture and art of St Petersburg. Her English skills are very good and she is a very helpful, pleasant and elegant lady who was always able to answer our questions and to ensure that our stay was worry free.

I would certainly recommend this tour to my friends- especially with Roumia as the guide.

With best wishes

Leily Da Silva


  Dallas, Texas, USA, United States

2 Jun 2010

Month and year of visit: May 2010

Greetings from Dallas, Texas.

Alisa, we had a great trip and everything went well (except for departing the airport on May 28). Once again, many thanks for all the work on my itinerary by Optima (Polina and then you). I would definitely use you again. Alex was a great guide, and we had a lot of fun as well as learned a lot about our trip.

That was my second trip, and definitely a memorable one.

All the best to you,




13 Apr 2010

Month and year of visit: March 2010

Just a word to thank you for the help you gave us preparing our trip to Russia!
Apart from the tragic terrorist attacks, everything went very well. Hotels, transfers and city tours were really nice!
Once again, thank you for everything!



Carole Green

  United Kingdom

8 Apr 2010

Month and year of visit: April 2010

Dear Alisa

We returned from St Petersburg after a very good Easter weekend.

Just a few minutes walk away from the Hermitage as it suggested but also very closThe hotel was excellent value for money and its location was superb!e to Nevsky Prospekt and only 25 mins walk from Peter and Paul fortress.

The staff had good English on the whole and we found small rooms (as we expected) with a well equipped bathroom and a good breakfast each day.

For the small price that we paid it could not have been better and we think you should recommend it.
Anyone who finds fault is not used to travelling and expects a 4 star hotel for a one star price which is impossible.

We were well pleased and we shall tell our friends how good it was.

The business of the visas did make us very nervous as we only got them at the last minute after a great deal of stress.

We think that many more English people would come to St Petersburg and spend money if the visa was not so hard to get.

best wishes and thank you for your help

Carole Green

Ewa and Marek Prost

  Warsaw, Poland

19 Jul 2009

Month and year of visit: July 2009

Dear Mr Ermolinsky,

Thank You for Your interest and care even after finishing Your obligations. We have enjoyed very much our stay in Your city. The arrival and departure transports from and to the airport were on time and we have found the drivers without any problems. In the hotels the rooms were waiting for us immediately. The rooms were of good standart clean and all equipment was acting properly. The hotels belong to the french Accor hotel company and the standard of rooms and service was the same as in other hotels of this company elsewhere. The only problem for us it was too much of air-condition in both hotels - we do not like air-condition - and in Novotel You can not open windows. But of course it was only one small thing and hotel guests probably enjoy air-conditioning.

We have enjoyed our trips to Peterhof, Pushkin, Pavlovsk and Gatchina very much. The cars were always on time and we were accompanied by the very nice guide Olga. It was nice that she was with us during all three trips. She is very nice woman, very operational, helpful and with good knowledge of the sightseeings in St. Petersburg. If You will meet her please say to her our best regards and thanks.

Our stay was very interesting but very laborious. We have never came back to the hotels before 10 p.m. although we have spend in St. Petersburg nearly 8 days. Even in holiday time there is always something interesting to see in Your town. Because my wife is dance fan we have seen six ballets in the evenings. It was nice that in St. Petersburg there is such a big offer of different entertainments that You will always find something interesting for You.

I was in St. Petersburg once 35 years ago. I have found this time different city - renovated with big offer of entertainments and tasty and pleasant restaurants and bars (we have enjoyed "Yolki-Palki" restaurants). I have to say that today You can be proud of Your city because it is worth of it.

Dear Mr Ermolinsky, we would like to thank You very, very much for Your help in organising for us our stay in Your lovely city. Our stay was really perfectly organised and very, very interesting.

Thank You once more very much for Your help

Sincerely Yours

Ewa and Marek Prost, Warsaw, Poland

Albert & Madeleine Gmuer


15 Jul 2009

Month and year of visit: July 2009

Dear Polina, Nadya and the other nice Ladies from OPTIMA TOURS,

We arrived in St. Petesburg via Lufthansa on Jun 23rd. You had reserved our Hotel Helvetia
as well as our Transportation from the Airport to the Hotel and then from the Hotel to
the Viking ship "Kirov".

We would like to thank you as everything worked out perfectly. We would definitely
recommend that Hotel to other people as well as OPTIMA TOURS.

Best regards to all of you and we hope that you have a prosperous season.

Jacqueline Phare

  United Kingdom

6 Jul 2009

Month and year of visit: May 2009

Dear Polina,

I was working on my photographs from our recent trip to St. Petersburg and was remembering what a wonderful time we had.

That was due very much to the tours you arranged and I wanted you to know how much we enjoyed the company of Roumia and the information she was able to give us. It made the tours so interesting and enjoyable. She is a very kind, interesting and humorous person who I am sure makes tours unforgettable for many of your customers.

Thank you too for your excellent arrangements, we really enjoyed our trip to St. Petersburg.

With all best wishes

Jacqueline Phare and Christopher Bevan

Ralph Hope


6 Mar 2009

Month and year of visit: September 2008


Our arrangements worked well for our trip last weekend. Thank you!

I would especially like to note how great our tour guide, Olga Chistyakova,
was!! Olga really went out of her way to make both our tours very
interesting!! Her knowledge and pleasant demeanor made those hours the
highlight of our visit! She took genuine pleasure in showing us the many
interesting things and was also very prompt, which we appreciated. Very
first class!

Thanks again,

Ralph Hope

Jeremy Lawson

  United Kingdom

6 Mar 2009

Month and year of visit: September 2008

Dear Dmitry,

Our visit was a great success, thanks to you. The room comfortable, the restaurant chaotic, though the food was good.

Thank you,.

Best wishes,




6 Mar 2009

Month and year of visit: September 2008

Dear Nadya,

I must say, you have been a very caring person, efficient and really professional. Service at its best.
This reflects good memories and feelings on you and your fascinating city.
Saint Petersburg is something special and to be visited again.
In that case I think Optima Tours is the very best partner to travel with.
Hopefully I will have the opportunity to do so.
Again, thank you very much for your services.

Best regards, Ludwig.


September, 2008

Alfredo Pemjean


6 Mar 2009

Month and year of visit: November 2008

Dear Polina,

Certainly I and my wife became really pleased with our travel, very brief indeed, to Saint Petersburg, the tourist guide service provided by Luis, the accomodation in the Azimut Hotel, efficient responses, guidelines and services. Unfortunately it was not possible to know you, but please receive our gratitude.

Regards and good luck

Alfredo Pemjean

Antti Luukkonen


6 Mar 2009

Month and year of visit: October 2008


I checked out my voucher and everything information is correct.
Thank you very much for friendly and fast customer service.
When I?ll arrive next time to SPb, you can be sure, that I?ll choose "Optimatours" again!

Yours sincerely

Antti Luukkonen