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Apartments in Saint Petersburg

Saint Petersburg apartments for rent allow tourists to stay in the center of Saint Petersburg and enjoy home comfort away from home. Apartments in Saint Petersburg feature an extra choice of amenities for rest and work. To search an apartment in Saint Petersburg use the link below.

Saint Petersburg Apartments

Apart from various class hotels, Saint Petersburg offers guests a great variety of serviced apartments which can be a favorable alternative to the hotels, especially during the high season when hotels grow in prices. All rental apartments in Saint Petersburg are excellently located in the vicinity of Nevsky Prospect — the main avenue of the city, where all main sights, museums, restaurants, and clubs are concentrated. Serviced apartments of Saint Petersburg will allow guests to get acquainted with all main attractions of one of the most beautiful European cities without any problem.

Apartments in Saint Petersburg are perfectly provided with all necessary amenities for comfortable stay of both family and business travelers. You are free to choose from one-room, two-room and three-room serviced apartments. Bedrooms are equipped with single or double beds and necessary pieces of furniture, living rooms feature all required for comfortable rest and work, kitchens come equipped with a set of amenities for cooking and having a meal. All Saint Petersburg apartments are air-conditioned and stylishly decorated.

Detailed descriptions and photos of the serviced apartments and bed and breakfast accommodations can be found on the Saint Petersburg Apartments website. You can look through the list of Saint Petersburg apartments and reserve the apartment of your choice online. Whether you want to stay in Saint Petersburg hotels or Saint Petersburg apartments, you will find the appropriate accommodation on our site