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Hotels near metro stations in St. Petersburg.

When choosing a hotel for most tourists the decisive factor is its location. In this respect, the hotels located near the metro stations have the advantage.

Living close to the subway is the dream of any traveler, regardless of the trip purpose. For the guests of St. Petersburg, arriving in the city for business purposes, it is important to get to the destination on time and without traffic jams. The cost of travel matters for practical tourist. It is easy and convenient for the visitors of the city getting around the metro as they are not required any special knowledge and skills to navigate in the land transport routes. In addition accommodation near a metro station saves time and money.

The greatest demand is for hotels in the city center located near Nevsky Prospect and Ploshchad Vosstaniya metro stations, as well as Dostoevskaya and Sadovaya. The hotels situated close to Technologichesky Institut and Ploshchad Alexadra Nevskogo underground stations are also popular. Choose one of the hotels, if you are going not only to walk in the city center, but also to visit the more remote places. But you should not forget that the areas around the metro stations in the downtown are the busiest places in the city. So if you appreciate peace and can’t stand noise and bustle, we recommend you hotels in the more quiet place, away from Nevsky Avenue. Choosing a hotel near Chernyshevskaya or Petrogradskaya metro stations, you will still live in the city centre, surrounded by monuments, but in a quiet location, with easy access to major attractions such as the Hermitage and St. Isaac's Cathedral by underground or surface transport.

The hotels located close to metro stations in remote areas from the centre of the city are the best option in terms of price and comfort. We are pleased to offer you accommodation at major hotels at reasonable prices close to Chernaya Rechka, Kirovsky Zavod, Moskovskiye Vorota, Park Pobedy and Obvodny Canal metro stations. Next to any underground stations you can also find mini-hotels. Please contact us and we will find you a hotel near any metro station.