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Rooms for disabled guests in hotels of St. Petersburg

In the modern cities, there should be no barriers to travel for persons with disabilities. For example, in Western countries, disabled people travel as much as healthy people. St. Petersburg in this respect is not inferior to the largest cities of Europe. Many hotels in St. Petersburg feature rooms for people with disabilities. What is the difference between these rooms?

These rooms are especially provided with free access for wheelchairs. For the smooth movement of a wheelchair in the rooms for the disabled there are not any threshold and door openings are wider than usual. Often, most interior doors are missing, or at least they are not equipped with self-locking mechanism. The rooms for people with disabilities are usually larger than the standard ones. For disabled people it is also important how a bathroom and toilet are equipped. In addition to the smooth passage provided by wide door openings and the absence of thresholds, a bathroom for disabled must be equipped with special handrails. For guests with disabilities there are also important such things as the height of the mirrors, the level of the location of outlets, sink, hair dryer, etc. In the well-designed rooms for disabled people all this must be taken into account, as well as the location of the shelves and equipment of the wardrobes with the special mechanisms. Rooms for disabled in some hotels feature special wheelchairs. They are more compact and lightweight, so they are suitable for use inside the room, leaving the usual wheelchair in the hallway, in order to use it only on the street.

Thus, the guests of St. Petersburg can be comfortably placed in hotels, even if they move only in a wheelchair. Of course, some guests may have their own characteristics and special requirements for the rooms. Please refer to our consultants and they will help you choose a hotel and a room corresponding to the requirements to accommodate people with disabilities.